Work Permit

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  According to the Alien occupation act of 1973 which states that In order to be eligible to work in Thailand an alien requires a work permit. There are some exceptions for aliens under which they can work in Thailand, other than that all the foreigners must obtain a work permit in order to be able to work legally and without any fear in Thailand.  Exceptions 
  • Members of the diplomatic corps
  • Members of consular missions
  • Representatives of member countries and officials of the United Nations and its specialised agencies
  • Personal servants coming from abroad to  work exclusively for persons listed under the above items
  • Those with duties on missions in the Kingdom under an agreement between the government of Thailand and a foreign government or international organization
  • Foreigners that perform  any duty or mission that benefit education, culture, arts, or sports
  • Persons specially permitted by the government of Thailand to enter and perform any duty or mission in the Kingdom
In order to get a work permit one should be on the non immigrant visa. Also one should either form a company and thus get a work permit or he she must be working in a company organization through which they can get the work permit. Required Documents   After you have your non-immigrant visa, you can now apply for a work permit.  Here are the papers generally required from the prospective employee to start a work permit:
  • copy of the picture page of your passport
  • non-immigrant visa
  • copy of the passport page with stamp
  • copy of entry card
  • Copy of your degree, resume or transcript – sometimes they require it to be certified by your country’s embassy (this requires bringing your degree or resume to your embassy, declaring it is a true and original document and then paying an authentication fee.
  • A doctor’s medical certificate
  • photos