Student Visa

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Amongst all the legal services that we provide, Student visa is one of them. 

Thailand has many international institutions whether those are schools or universities of an international standard. That is why many students from foreign countries come to Thailand to get education in universities to earn a degree. Amongst some of the well recognized universities are Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University, and Assumption University etc.  Other than Degree programs that are usually very long for a period of 4 years and are also very expensive, foreign students also come for short yoga or Thai language learning courses. That is usually for a short period of time up to one year. In order to study in Thailand you need an Education visa also called ED visa to be allowed to stay in Thailand. For this purpose you need a Non immigrant ED visa that is for one year stay in Thailand and is renewable every year. After you have chosen the programme you want to do you must apply for the visa by submitting the application. Keep in mind that your purpose should be to study and not any other purpose . 

Submission of Application 

After you have chosen the programme of your choice in which you want to enroll you need to apply with the institution and submit your application. The rules for application submission vary from one institution to another. In which either you have to submit the application by sending through email or by submitting it in person. After paying the application fee and fulfilling all the other requirements like photos submission and , after your application has been accepted you must then do the registration. You will get a letter of Admission after the  acceptance of your application. The Registration is done in person.

Student Visa

Letter of admission contains details of the courses you want to study and also fee you have to pay. The student visa is for one year. according to the rules you must register for atleast 3 courses in one semester. According to the Thai regulations students are not allowed to study in the months of June and July. 

Documents required to get education visa from your home country

To extend your visa for more than 90 days you need Non Immigrant ED visa that is for one year stay in Thailand. You need visa application and a letter of admission from a school / university as a proof of your enrollment especially if the university /school don’t help you to acquire the Ed visa. Then you need to submit your application to Thai consulate. After registering you can apply for the Non ED visa within the first 30 days.

Education Visa

After that you have a proof that you want to enroll in an institution in Thailand in the form of Admission letter in which all the details are mentioned e.g. Fee, no of courses etc. you must apply for the ED visa.  Education visa or Ed visa is for a period of one year that is renewable every year. You can apply for the Ed visa within the first 30 days.

Change of Visa from within Thailand

If you are already in Thailand on a tourist visa and want a Ed visa then you are required to head out of Thailand unless your visa is of a O.B type in which case you can change your visa at a central immigration office in Bangkok. You will have to go to Vientiane or Savannakhet (Laos), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), or Yangoon (Myanmar). 

Note: Students from some countries doesn’t require visa but from other countries requires a tourist visa that can be later changed to one year Education visa. So if you entered Thailand without a visa you must leave the country and apply for a non immigrant visa with the Thai embassy or consulate abroad.

Documents Required

  1. Your passport, with at least 6 months due validity
  2. A photocopy of the information page (the one with your photo) of your passport, signed 
  3. The admission letter from the institution OR letter from the Ministry of Education
  4. Application form  
  5. Four passport size photos.
  6. Visa fee of 2000THB or according to the location you are in.

Note: Nationals of these countries namely, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, India, China, Pakistan among others, must return to their home countries to apply for Non-Immigrant visas, 

Notifying to the immigration office

Even after you get an ED visa for 1 year you have to notify your address to the immigration office after every 90 days. For this purpose you will have to fill a short form.