Small Business Service New Packages

Package 1: 

We prepare paperwork for any Government office in Thailand. We also translate documents into all languages; whether that is from Thai-English or back from English -Thai. (We charge some extra money for any translation into any language other than Thai-Eng or Eng-Thai). Our primary goal is to make things easy for our clients and provide them with the best service possible. We can do the paperwork in short period of time which would be a lot difficult for the client if they would have to do the translation and paperwork on their own. This can save you from headache and extra waste of time.

Package 2:

We provide you with accurate and the quality legal consultation regarding any legal matters and give you the best advice and course of action to take. We provide the legal consultation on all the legal matters including company registration, family law, marriage and divorce, litigation, work permit, marriage registration, student visa, retirement visa, business visa, marriage visa, buying of property in Thailand, IP laws etc. If after the counseling process you want to acquire our services we give you 5% discount on that particular service required.
Our firm is providing consultation to some well known organizations like foreign embassies and consulates in Thailand. Other then this we also provide free consultation on some services by giving advice to put the client on the right track.

Package 3:

 In this package we provide paperwork service to any government or company.Along with any official job as letter writing, office jobs, we also provide virtual office service which is a new form of business. The word virtual which has been borrowed from the computer language. In which we provide an official commercial address with answering machine and mail drop services. We also translate any documents into all languages. English- Thai or Thai –English. We charge a little extra for translation of documents into languages other than Eng-Thai, Thai-Eng. At last this package contains legal consultation on any legal issues. We provide you with best advices and suggestions and also tell you the best available course of action to take.

Package 4:

Commerce Job/ Middlemen/Broker: We Market your product and introduce it in the Market. Also we provide commerce kind of job in which we facilitate the buying and selling process. Finally we act as a broker and do the buying and selling on your behalf and find you the best match.

Package 5:

 Advertisement on the internet + Legal consultation & Translation: We offer to introduce your job/business on the internet on more than 200 Thai websites.