Set Up an Association

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An association can be formed by the intentions other than profit making or earning income. An association is a group of people who come together for a common purpose .Starting an association begins as an urgency or common need that prompts people to work together to pursue the same goals and interests. There are many types of associations like  trade associations.

Registration process

Application of registration must be filed to the registrar with the list of names, addresses, profession of the members.
Section 83. The association so registered is a juristic person.
There must be at least three Promoters of the Association and at least ten Members of the Association.

Procedure for setting up the “Association”

1. Convene a meeting to set up the “Association” and record minutes at the meeting. The minutes must appoint a Director(s) of the Association.

2. File an application to set up the “Association” at the District Office where the Association will be located within 30 days from the meeting in section 1.

Documents needed to make the application

A formal application form to set up the “Association” must be filed.

All promoters of the Association must sign this form. Note that there cannot be less than three promoters of an Association. The Sor. Kor.1 form is available from the District Office.

Currently and technically, all Directors can be foreigners.

Minutes of the Meeting in Section 1.

Regulations of the Association.

The Regulations must include the following sections:

Section 1: Name, Logo and Location of Association
Section 2: Subject
Section 3: Capital and Assets
Section 4: Qualifications and Term of the Directors
Section 5: Management System of the Directors
Section 6: Authority and Duty of the Directors
Section 7: Membership of the Association
Section 8: Association Directors Meeting
Section 9: Financial Matters of the Association
Section 10: Amendment of Regulations
Section 11: Termination or end term of the Association

Note: Anything more required can be included in the above list

Name, address and occupation of the Members of the Association

Name, address and occupation of the Directors of the Association

Copy of ID card or passport of the Directors and Members of the Association

Copy of Household registration of the Directors and Members of the Association

Location map of the Association

Memorandum of the person who will be a Director of the Association
showing e.g., salary, occupation

In practice the Directors of the Association will make the memorandum at the District Office using a prescribed form, and the form can be filled in and filed when the application is filed for setting up the Association.

In case a foreigner is a Director of the Association, the director needs a letter from their embassy stating they have no criminal record or background.