Retirement Visa

Max Law firm is an international law firm that is serving foreigners and foreign business in Thailand. We are a team of well qualified and experienced lawyers providing excellent service to our customers. We provide all legal services in which retirement visa service is included.

Thailand because of its cheap cost of living, mind-blowing islands, sunny beaches with crystal clear blue water, low cost of health care, cheap food and low cost accommodation makes it one of the favourite hot-spots for retirees worldwide. In addition the warm weather with very warm people and a rich Thai culture and delicious Thai cuisine are other reasons for foreigners retiring to Thailand.  This is the reason people visit Thailand again and again. People have different reasons for living in Thailand. Some say they love Thailand for its warmth weather and because at home it’s really cold. Others like the beautiful islands and beaches that really melt the heart.  Whatever the motive of staying, Thailand is a very popular destination among foreigners.

To fulfill your dreams and make them come true we offer you our services in which we help you get a retirement visa for one year which is renewable after every  year. Below are some of the requirements and conditions for getting the retirement visa.

At first you must have a Non immigrant O-A retirement visa that has a 3month duration. After that the non immigrant visa can be changed into one year retirement visa.

Documents required for the Non immigrant visa

  • At least 50 years of age
  • Passport 
  • Being national or permanent resident of country of application
  • Showing documents as a proof for financial requirements
  • Proof of pension or cash statement 

The following are requirements for getting a retirement visa.

Requirements for getting a retirement visa.

  • You must be at least 50 years of age.
  • 800000 baht pension or savings or a combination of  two Thai bank accounts 
  • Police report 
  • You must show a Rental contract in order to open a bank account
  • A health certificate
  • Non immigrant type  O-A visa
  • Departure Card

The retirement visa duration is for one year in which you have to leave the country and go to the neighboring countries to renew the visa for another  year. You also need a re- entry visa if you want to go out of Thailand within the one year period. If you don’t get a re- entry visa then your retirement visa will be expired, and you will be required to repeat the whole process again.

Reporting to the Thai immigration

You must notify your address to the Thai immigration office after every 90 days. 

Points to be noticed

You are required to pay 2 months security deposit when renting for accommodation. 

Your pension document proofs must be approved by your embassy /consulate.

You must apply for a new retirement visa before the older one expires within one year . Now you will only have to pay the fee and produce some photos. 

You must notify your address to the immigration office after every 90 days. 


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