Marriage Visa

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If you are at a foreign country you must get marriage O visa from Thai embassy at your respective country. The O visa has 4 segestments and is only single entry visa. In which case the first entry into Thailand applies the one segment of 30 days.  Then you can extend your visa into one year called the spousal extension visa but the application can only be submitted within 90 days.

In order to obtain Marriage visa in Thailand you require paper work and take this to the Thai immigration. We help you with the paperwork and the marriage visa at the Thai immigration so that the process is successfully completed without time waste and any complications.  Following are some of the conditions and  documents required for getting a marriage visa

Conditions of marriage Visa

You must be married to a Thai spouse

40000 baht monthly income (both yours and that of your spouse combined)

Documents required for a marriage visa

Work permit if working in Thailand

If you are working outside Thailand bank statements of your income

  • Medical Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Spouse income statements
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