Marriage Registration

 Max Law firm is an international law firm that is serving foreigners and foreign business in Thailand . We provide all legal services including marriage registration. In order to do the marriage registration the following are some of the laws and rules regarding the marriage registration in Thailand. Both for a foreign-Thai couple and a Thai –Thai couple. 

Marriage registration

In case of a foreigner marrying a Thai spouse the process is a little complicated while on the other hand in case of a Thai marrying a Thai spouse it is relative easy and simple. 

The marriage registration can be done at any well defined office in Thailand. You need to show evidence that you are single and are allowed to get married in Thailand.  For this you need a proof document from your country’s respective Embassy in Thailand.  You will also be required to translate the documents into the Thai language. If your spouse has died or been divorced then you will need to show the death certificate or divorce document in order to prove that you are no longer married and your status is single. These documents must then be translated into Thai and verified by the Thai foreign affairs. Finally take these documents to Amphur or Khet in order to register your marriage. of consular affairs who will sign the documents officially and then finally the documents with the translation will be filled with the district registrar. The marriage will be registered and the marriage certificate given. With the issuance of the marriage certificate the marriage registration process ends.

Following are the conditions for marriage.

Condition for marriage

According to the Thai Law the husband must give some property to the women as a proof of the marriage. Only then is the marriage considered effective.


The couples that are getting married needs to abide by the following rules to be eligible for marriage.

Both the partners must not be less than 17 years of age.

They must not be insane or incompetent persons.

Both of partners should not be a blood relative  brother or sister or full or half blood.

Both the partners should not have the same adoptive parents

Both of the partners must be single, thus they should not have a spouse at the time of marriage.

If the woman’s husband died or the marriage has been terminated then she must wait until 310 days to remarry.

Documents Required:

Affidavit of Marriage

Copy of passport

Death certificate or divorce document (in case your wife passed away or you both divorced.)

Documents required by your Thai fiancée

National Identity car

House registration certificate

Divorce or death certificate of his/her passed away or last spouse