Investment Package

Many foreigners want to do investment in Thailand. Mostly foreigners do Investment in Real Estate, Import Export, open a factory or set up their own business. In this package if you want to invest in Real Estate we help you to purchase Land, Condominiums Villa and houses. Also, if you want to invest your money by opening a Restaurant business, set up your own business or doing import export.  than you need your own company to do this type of business. We can help you in company registration process. Whereby we help you set up your own company and also provide accounting and tax services for your company. Along with company Registration we also help you with work permit and one year visa. After you register the company you can buy our 5 packages. In which we provide paperwork & translation, Legal services/ Paperwork, official job/ virtual office, commerce job/ middlemen/ broker &  Advertisement on the internet / legal consultation/ translation services. We also help you to purchase property in Thailand. Whether that would be buying of condominium, Land, Villa or House. We assist you and guide you to invest your money at the right place at right time. So that it can be beneficial to you and you can gain profit on the investment made.