Family Law & Divorce

Family Law contains Marriage & Divorce, Prenuptial Agreement, litigation etc.
  Marriage Divorce In Thailand marriage must be done by registering it and it must be conducted in a legal way following the rules and keeping in mind all the requirements and exemptions of marriage. In the same way a divorce can be taken by the partners on request or through the court in Thailand. Litigation In family law another thing that is counted is litigation. It includes criminal litigation, break of contracts , etc. Prenuptial Agreement A prenuptial agreement is a financial plan of how the husband and wife will manage their assets and properties after marrying. Also how the property and assets will be divided in case of divorce. So prenuptial agreements must be made before marrying to protect one’s right otherwise if not made then the assets and property will be managed according to the Thai law and rules.  So it’s in the best interest of both the partners to make an prenuptial agreement before getting married.