We provide you with legal services and litigation including adoption in Thailand, Criminal Defense, Employment Disputes and Anti money laundering laws etc. Child adoption is included in Litigation.   The procedure for adoption The only organization responsible for taking care of child adoption in Thailand is the child Adoption center of the department of public welfare DPW. It is a government organization responsible for child adoption in Thailand. But there are also another 4 NGO’s that are given the license to deal with child adoption in cases where a child is to be adopted and sent abroad. Eligibility for child adoption  The couple adopting the child must be married Both the partners must be at least 25 years of age Both the spouse must be at least 15 years older than the child being adopted The couple must be legally qualified to adopt a child in their respective country. Documents required 
  • Application
  • Copy of passport or identity card.
  • Copy of document certifying marriage or divorce
  • Medical certificate verifying good physical health and mental stability indication and the applicants’ infertility
  • Document showing income and profession
  • Document certifying current financial status (dating back not more than six months)
  • Document certifying assets.
  • Four photographs of the applicant and spouse with children and home area if any.
  • Letter of consent for adoption from applicant’s spouse or an approval order of the court in lieu of the spouse’s consent (if any).
  • Copy of work permit of the foreign couple
  • References certifying the suitability of the applicants for adoption from at least two persons.
  • Police report
Note: All the documents must be attested by the Royal Embassy and the documents must be translated into Thai. After all the documents are submitted they will be sent to the Child Adoption board and the parents will be informed whether they can or cannot adopt the child.